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B-MURALS is a center specialized in urban art based in Barcelona. We are an urban art centre based in Barcelona with a unique and groundbreaking project that provides a comprehensive perspective of the urban art sector. We support creation by fostering mural interventions, residencies and exhibitions, based on a community, reflective and educative approach.

Organización: B-Murals
Teléfono: 687352931
Cierra el 15 de septiembre del 2024

B-MURALS is a center specialized in urban art based in Barcelona. We are an urban art centre based in Barcelona with a unique and groundbreaking project that provides a comprehensive perspective of the urban art sector. We support creation by fostering mural interventions, residencies and exhibitions, based on a community, reflective and educative approach.

We want to participate in the outreach of urban art as well as bring it closer to the public and citizenship. B-MURALS is located in Nau Bostik, an industrial complex converted into a community cultural space. B-Murals has a strong vocation for connection and interaction with the territory as well as a universal spirit and an international scope. The project was launched by Difusor, an entity that has been working for more than a decade in artistic promotion and intervention in the urban environment.


B-MURALS opens a space with the capacity to receive two artists to carry out studio work in a RESIDENCE for a standardised period of 3 months.

The B-Murals Residences have the following objectives:

1 Supporting and promoting artistic creation, exploration and research by urban artists and others in dialogue with public space.

2 Fostering connections and building bridges between international artists and the Catalan artistic community.

3 To create a space suitable for the creation of studio work and to promote an exhibition context linked to public intervention in the city of Barcelona.

To apply for the artistic residency it will be necessary to present a project, as detailed below.


Creators that seek a relationship and dialogue with the territory and the public space.

The call is mainly aimed at visual and plastic artists, but also multidisciplinary artists who can apply their work to public space: urban art, visual arts, artistic research and interdisciplinary projects, especially those that seek a relationship and dialogue with the territory and the public space


The space offered within the framework of this call consists of a workshop of about 30m2, located in the warehouse adjacent to B-MURALS’ gallery – one of the warehouses that are part of the old industrial complex of the Nau Bostik. The space has natural light, work tables, electricity, Internet connection (wi-fi).

The warehouse has two 30m2 individual workspaces and a shared kitchenette space at the entrance.


B-MURALS offers the following resources to residents selected through this call:

1 Workspace in the B-Murals residency studio. Shared studio with another selected artist, basic furniture: table, chair, and shelves. Access 7 days a week and the possibility of 24/7 access (to consult with the organization).

2 Access to the exterior spaces of the Nau Bostik, especially the walls destined to host ephemeral mural interventions (to be agreed with the organization).

3 Possibility of accommodation provided by our sponsor RESIDENCIA ONIX. You will share the studio with another selected artist. It is equipped with two single beds, a kitchen and bathroom, two desks, wifi, heating, air conditioning, and weekly cleaning service.

4 Possibility of occasional use of the Nau Bostik Coworking facilities – at flex tables.

5 Consultancy and follow-up sessions with the B-MURALS team on issues related to artistic production (related to the residency).

6 Communication of the project on B-MURALS’ website, social media, and newsletter.

7 Open studio: organization of a public presentation in a format agreed upon between the artist and the organization (happening, art talk, guided tour, performance, intervention in public space …) that allows for the public display of the artists’ work and development during the residency in an innovative format for the communication and exchange of artistic research.

8 2-week exhibition of the work produced during the residency, with support for production and installation. (Opening time following the B-Murals Gallery’s schedule)

Attention the residency does not include any medical insurance for foreign artists. It is compulsory for each resident to take out medical insurance in their country of origin, valid for the duration of their residency.


The artist undertakes to …
… If modifications occur during the course of the residency, they have to be duly justified to the organisation.

… make a free public presentation at the end of the residency. This may take the form of an art talk, installation, exhibition, show, etc. B-MURALS will collaborate in the organisation and communication. The artist will be in charge of the production.

… to state the support of B-MURALS in public communications that may arise from the project, in the press, social networks, or any other media. In the case of exhibiting the work in other spaces, label the work with the following mention: “produced in B-Murals residency” for 6 months following the end of the residency.

… to state the support of RESIDENCIAS ONIX (sponsor of B-Murals Residencies) in at least 3 of all public communications that may arise from the project, on social networks or other media.

… donate a work produced during the residency to the B-MURALS art fund, selected by mutual agreement between the artist and B-MURALS.

… to create a mural and/or an activity for the main collaborator Onix Residency or Unite Hostel – to be determined in agreement with the organisation.

… be responsible for the production of their project, as well as their materials, food, and travels during the residency (all expenses at the artist’s cost).


31 MAY – 15 SEP 2024 – open call

1 – 15 OCT 2024 – Jury and resolution

31 OCT 2024 – Official communication of the selection

15 JAN – 15 APR 2025 1. Residence WINTER-SPRING

15 APR – 15 JUL 2025 2. Residence SPRING-SUMMER

15 SEP – 15 DEC 2025 3. Residence AUTUMN-WINTER


Payment by the artist:

Studio and accommodation for the B-Murals residency 550 € per month + 21 % VAT. The residencies are proposed in indivisible blocks of 3 months (total for 3 months: 1650 € + VAT). The B-MURALS Residencies are subsidized by the Ajuntament de Barcelona and ICYESA and this contribution from the artist serves to cover the non-subsidized part of the residencies, linked to accommodation, work space, expert advice on the residency and expenses related to the Open Studio event.

This price also includes all expenses related to electricity, water, WI-FI, basic furniture and weekly cleaning.

Payment schedule

the total price of the residency is to be paid in 3 installments according to the following rule:

40 % at the time of selection with “Reservation” concept (October 2023)

30 % on arrival at the residence.
30 % start of the second month of residency.


The application must be sent in pdf format to with the subject “Residencias B-MURALS 2025”.

The document must contain: 1 basic data

Personal data: Full name, age, date and place of birth, ID card or passport number, current address, e-mail contact, telephone contact.

Personal web URL or other links of interest. Digitalised valid ID card (jpg)

Dates/ block of residency in which you want to do the residency (give two options: the priority and the second option).

Period of 3 months chosen:




2 Artistic project
Explanation of the project to be developed at B-Murals Residence (2500 characters maximum, spaces included).
Artistic statement (maximum 2,500 characters, spaces included) and CV.

Graphic Dossier (up to a maximum of 6 images with their technical specifications, contextualising the works presented).

3 Dissemination artwork
A selection of photos of the latest work done (jpg)
A profile picture (jpg)
This material is requested for the purpose of communicating the selection


The selection and organisation of the jury will be the responsibility of the B-MURALS technical team, which will send the documentation submitted to each of the juries convened.

The selection jury will be composed of B-MURALS Team
One representative of Montana Colors One representative of Nau Bostik
An artist selected in the last call


1 Interest and feasibility of the specific proposal for the residency (40 points) 2 Applicant’s CV and track record (30 points)

3 Conformity of the proposal with the residency project and B-Murals general objectives (30 points).

4 Adjustment of the proposal to the resources offered, the timetable and the duration of the residency (10 points).

Once a final decision has been reached, the team will contact the artist directly, within 48 hours.


Selected candidates must pay 40% of the residency fee within the first 10 working days after the selection notification, confirm arrival and departure dates, as well as review and confirm the submitted project.

For more information and questions: y B-Murals

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